Triber of the week

Triber of the week

We are starting a new series where we feature members of the SQL Tribe community. We hope you enjoy this.

If you’d like to be featured, join the community here and get more details.

Let’s get to the story 🙂


Hi, may we meet you?

My name is Ebole God’spower. I am a Quality control analyst and I live in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria.

Nice to meet you, Ebole, Tell me one quote you live by/inspires you

I love this quote from the late Myles Munroe book on crisis  – In every crisis, there is an opportunity to maximize out of it.

Would you like to share your SQL or data journey with me?

I started my data science journey in February this year. I started with advanced Excel, then Power Bi and Tableau, before learning SQL using Data Camp. I came across the SQLTribe community on Twitter and decided to join. It has made an impact as I have learned a lot not just on SQL but data science in general. I have also recently ventured into learning Python for machine learning.

I’m curious, what inspired you to learn SQL?

The first time I heard of SQL I was scared because I was new to the data science field. However thanks to the SQL Tribe  I have been inspired on my SQL journey, I find myself learning new things every day from the community.

Thank you for sharing Ebole! Soft one, what is your favorite TV show of all time?

I don’t really have one, I’m a lover of educational shows.

Interesting. Can you tell me three people that inspire you in any industry and why?

Bill Gates – Growing up, I was very fascinated by Bill and read a lot about him, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from his story.
Late Myles Munroe – I am very inspired by his books and seminars and I apply most of his principles to date.
Cristiano Ronaldo – He is my idol and I love everything about him. He is success-driven, always wants to be the best and never settles for less.

That’s a great list. What is one thing you’re looking forward to achieving soon?

Getting a full time or remote data science job and also start learning natural language processing in machine learning.

I love that! What is your favorite thing about the SQLTribe community? How has it inspired your data journey?

  • The daily question of the day has helped me a lot
  • I love that members of the community are always willing to help out when you reach out.
  • Also, the building a portfolio projects we work on inspires me and other members of the communities to be better and stronger.

At this point, you win! Anything else you’d like to share that’s I have not asked yet?

I recommend any data science/analytics enthusiast to join The SQL Tribe, you won’t regret it. It is a knowledge-packed community with people always willing to help you throughout your SQL journey.

Thank you, Ebole for the vote of confidence and for sharing your story with us!

To connect with Ebole, check out his social media handles below.

Twitter: @eboleg
Instagram: @official_gp


Simileoluwa Afolabi-Jombo
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