Triber of the week – Oluwafisayomi Balogun

Triber of the week – Oluwafisayomi Balogun

Hi, can we meet you?

My name is Oluwafisayomi Balogun. A graduate of Anatomy from Bowen University and a self-taught Data analyst. I also own a small business where I sell jewelry and glasses.

I am pleased to meet, Fisayo. Can you describe yourself in one word?

I would say different

That is interesting. Would you mind sharing how you motivate yourself?

I read the quotes in the image below every day. They serve as a daily reminder and motivation.

They are all powerful quotes, I love them.

You have a background in Anatomy, how did you transition into Data?

I loved mathematics in secondary school and was very good at analytics, but I couldn’t study mathematics at university. The reason was that people in Nigeria always say that if you study mathematics, you will either be a teacher or a lecturer. I had no interest in academics, so I applied for Medicine but I was given Anatomy instead. I was hoping to study Medicine afterward, but fortunately for me, I discovered tech.

A friend spoke to me about data science, and I instantly became interested. After doing some personal research, I tried taking a Data Science course, but it seemed too complicated and so I decided to start with Data Analysis.

Wow, this is a fascinating story. I love that you did your research before you started learning. So when was your first encounter with SQL?

It started during my break in 300 level. I got a slot for the SQL beginners class scholarship with Simi(thesqlbabe). May God bless that person that sponsored four slots. I learnt SQL from Simi, and her classes were great. 

Aww, thank you. Let’s divert a bit from your data journey. Can you tell us about anybody who inspires you in any industry and why?

That would be  Oluchi Ezeh. The way she talks, dresses, everything, urgh😍. I love her 

She is very inspiring. What is your favorite movie or tv show of all time??

I’m torn between Extraction and Inception

Those are amazing movies! If you were given a million dollars, how would you spend it?

Ah, I will probably leave this country first, lol. Then pay tithe, invest, and give to charity (Orphanage).

Japa, Interesting! What is that one thing you are looking forward to achieving soon?

Completing my portfolio tbh😂

That is great! We are rooting for you! So, back to data. Fisayo, please tell us about your most challenging time during your data journey.

That would be the second project that I did for my ALX degree. I didn’t understand some things like web scraping. Thank God for good people like Flexy. He put me through the web scraping part of the project. Then I later figured out the other part. That should also be one of my most challenging times while working on a project.

Supportive friends are the best. Fisayo, thank you for volunteering to tutor some of TheSQLTribe members. Can I ask why you decided to volunteer?

I wanted to learn more. There’s a saying the more you teach, the more you know. Tutoring has really helped me in my data journey.

Yes, that is very true. What is your favorite thing about TheSQLTribe?

The Question of the day, and there is room for growth.

Aww, thank you. Is there anything you’d like to mention that we haven’t talked about?


Okay, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I had so much fun talking to you. 

You’re welcome. Thank you for having me

Have a lovely day!

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