Triber of the week – Ibrahim Ogunbiyi

Triber of the week – Ibrahim Ogunbiyi

Hi, can we meet you?

Sure, I’m Ibrahim Ogunbiyi, and I’m a data analyst based in Ogun State, Nigeria.

It’s a pleasure to speak to you, Ibrahim. Can you describe yourself in one word?

I would say curious. I’m always eager to learn new things and explore different perspectives.

That’s an excellent quality to have. Do you have a favorite quote that you live by or that inspires you?

I have always been inspired by the words of Ernesto Dela Cruz in Coco, ‘Seize your moment’. It reminds me to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

I love that! Can you tell us about your journey into the world of data?

Prior to working with data, I was involved in home automation. However, it became quite expensive for me due to the need to purchase microcontrollers and other equipment. After several years in home automation, a friend introduced me to data science. Initially, I started by building machine learning models. Still, eventually, I realized that I was not thoroughly enjoying the work because I was more interested in critical thinking, such as determining the root cause of a particular issue. This led me to discover the field of data analytics, which aligned better with my interests. Currently, I am focused on data analytics also teaching/ tutoring, but I am also eager to transition into analytics engineering in the future.

That’s fascinating! So when was your first encounter with SQL?

My first encounter was when I was in 300 level.  There was a course I wanted to do then called Database Management. Though when I did the course, it was theory all through. We didn’t do any sql queries. But before I started the course, I took a Udemy course to learn SQL to know what it is about before I started taking the course at school. However, I wasn’t familiar with data and data science then. I just learned it to excel well in class, but funny, it was just all theory. Now, I use SQL for my personal projects.

That’s impressive. Let’s switch gears for a moment. Who inspires you in any industry, and why?

While I’m already involved in the tech field, I’m also drawn to the idea of becoming a farmer or a businessman. My cousin is a successful farmer, and he’s been an inspiration to me. Also, I’ve always had a mindset that I must have a backup plan in case I don’t get a job in my preferred field, which is why I’m also considering these other industries.

That is great to hear. What is your favorite movie or tv show of all time?

Hmm, that’s a tough one, but I will say Money Heist.

Money Heist | BBFC

That’s a very great series. If you were given a million dollars, how would you spend it?

I would buy a farm.

That is a wise choice. What is that one thing you are looking forward to achieving soon?

Getting Married

That sounds exciting! Congratulation! Can you tell us about your most challenging time during your data journey?

One thing I can consider as my most challenging time during my data journey was that I was self-learning and had no mentor, making my learning journey a bit slow. I remember vividly that when I started to learn Python, I used close to 9 different books to learn, so there wasn’t kind of a pathway for me since Python is a generic language. I was learning anything learnable but was not directed to data which retarded my growth a bit. But as they’ve always said, learning is slow. The good part is I knew it, and that is all that matters.
Also, another challenging part of my journey is like every other person’s story. I didn’t really have resources. While learning Python, I was also working as a food clerk at a supermarket, specifically 12 hours 9 am to 9 pm shift. So thanks to the MTN night sub and the supermarket having light 24/7 after working, I use the time at midnight to learn Python. Lol, I’ve always held up this phrase that “wetin go be go be” and these struggles will be part of the story later.

That is a very inspiring story. It showed how determined you were to achieve what you wanted, and you did. So tell us, what is your favorite thing about TheSQLTribe?

Believe me. I absolutely love SQLTribe; the community is fantastic. Our community manager, Adedoyinsola, is truly dedicated to keeping the community alive. However, I wish we also had a WhatsApp platform since it would bring us closer together. Sometimes, I miss messages from the community unless Adedoyinsola tags everyone.

Aww, thank you so much. Lastly, what advice do you have for someone just starting in tech?

Just start and believe me when I say that you can learn everything on your own. I have always applied for scholarships such as the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, ALX, and Corporate Finance Institute, but I have not been granted any of them. However, that did not discourage me because I knew that it was not just about obtaining a certificate but rather about gaining knowledge. Therefore, I have worked hard to learn everything on my own. You can do it too!

Thank you so much for that! It was a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you for having me. Have a great day!


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